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Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo's Species List

Below is a list of the animal species at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo.

African crested porcupine
African elephant
African rock hyrax
African spiny mouse
Angolan black & white colobus
Bay duiker
Black-and-white colobus monkey
Black-and-white ruffed lemur
Bornean orangutan
Brown lemur
Clouded leopard
Collared lemur
Common duiker
Common eland
Common squirrel monkey
Common waterbuck
Eastern bongo
Florida black bear
Florida panther
Flying fox bat
Golden lion tamarin
Greater kudu
Great Indian rhinoceros
Grevy's zebra
Haflinger horse
Hartmann's mountain zebra
Key deer
Key Largo wood rat
Lesser anteater
Lesser kudu
Lowland anoa
Malayan tapir
Malayan tiger
Masai giraffe
Naked mole rat
New Guinea singing dog
North American river otter
Patas monkey
Prehensile-tailed porcupine
Pygmy hippopotamus
Queensland koala
Red river hog
Red tail guenon
Red wolf
Reeve's muntjac
Reticulated giraffe
Ring-tailed lemur
Rothschild giraffe
Royal antelope
Schmidt's monkey
Siamang gibbon
Southern three-banded armadillo

Southern white rhinoceros
Squirrel monkey
Sri Lankan sloth bear
Striped skunk
Titi monkey
Thomson's gazelle
Tufted deer
Two-toed sloth
Visayan warty pig
Watusi cattle
West African pygmy goat
West Indian manatee
Wolf's guenon
Yellow-footed rock wallaby


Abyssinian blue-winged goose
African crowned crane
African ground hornbill
African open-billed stork
African penguin
African spoonbill
American flamingo
Andean condor
Australorp chicken
Baikal teal
Bald eagle
Bald ibis
Bali mynah
Bar-headed goose
Barred owl
Bearded barbet
Black spur-winged goose
Black vulture
Black-bellied whistling duck
Black-chinned fruit dove
Black-naped oriole
Black-necked swan
Bleeding heart pigeon
Blue and yellow macaw
Blue-bellied roller
Blue-breasted kingfisher
Blue-crowned motmot
Blue-fronted amazon
Blue-grey tanager
Blue-throated macaw
Boat-billed heron
Brown pelican
Burrowing owl
Cape teal
Chiloe wigeon
Cinnamon teal
Common barn owl
Common screech owl
Crested coua
Crested oropendola
Crowned eagle
Cuban amazon
Demoiselle crane
Domestic chicken
Double-crested cormorant
Dusky lorikeet
Duyvenbode's lorikeet
Eclectus parrot
Emerald starling
Eurasian eagle owl
Fairy bluebird
Florida sandhill crane
Forsten's lorikeet
Fulvuous whistling duck
Gang gang cockatoo
Giant kingfisher
Golden-breated starling
Golden-capped conure
Great hornbill
Great horned owl
Greater African flamingo
Great white pelican
Green aracari
Green heron
Green-naped lorikeet
Green-naped pheasant pigeon
Green-winged macaw
Green-winged teal
Grosbeak starling
Harris' hawk
Helmeted guinea fowl
Hooded merganser
Hottentot teal
Hyacinth macaw
Lesser flamingo
Little blue heron
Magpie shrike
Malay great argus
Mandarin duck
Marabou stork
Martial eagle
Masked lapwing
Mauritius pink pigeon
Metallic starling
Mississippi kite
Nicobar pigeon
North American ruddy duck
North American wood duck
Ocellated turkey
Orange-breasted rainbow lorikeet
Palm cockatoo
Perfect lorikeet
Pied imperial pigeon
Purple gallinule
Purple swamphen
Raggiana bird-of-paradise
Rainbow lorikeet
Red-billed hornbill
Red-browed amazon
Red-crested cardinal
Red-crested turaco
Red-legged honey creeper
Red-legged seriema
Red lorikeet
Red-tailed black cockatoo
Ringed teal
Roseate spoonbill
Rose-breasted cockatoo
Rosy starling
Royal tern
Sacred ibis
Saddle-billed stork
Salmon-crested cockatoo
Sarus crane
Scarlet ibis
Scarlet macaw
Shoebill stork
Silvery-cheeked hornbill
Slender-billed corella
Snowy egret
Southern ground hornbill
Spotted whistling duck
Sulphur-crested cockatoo
Sun bittern
Swan goose
Taveta golden weaver
Temminck's hornbill
Toco toucan
Trumpeter hornbill
Victoria crowned pigeon
Violet-crested turaco
Violet plantain-eater
Von der Decken's hornbill
Vulturine guinea fowl
Wattled crane
Weber's lorikeet
Whale-billed stork
White-breasted cormorant
White-collared kingfisher
White-crowned parrot
White-faced whistling duck
White-fronted amazon
White-tailed black cockatoo
White-throated kingfisher
Whooping crane
Wild turkey
Wood stork

African spurred tortoise
Aldabra tortoise
Alligator snapping turtle
American alligator
Amethystine Python
Australian snake-necked turtle
Blanding's turtle
Blue-tongued skink
Boa constrictor
Burmese python
Canebrake rattlesnake
Carpet python
Central Asian tortoise
Common garter snake
Common king snake
Common snapping turtle
Coral snake
Corn snake
Dusky pygmy rattlesnake
Eastern box turtle
Eastern diamondback
Eastern glass lizard
Eastern hognose snake
Eastern indigo snake
Eastern king snake
Everglades rat snake
Florida box turtle
Florida cottonmouth
Florida pine snake
Fly river turtle
Frilled lizard
Galapagos tortoise
Gharial crocodile
Giant Asian pond turtle
Giant South American river turtle
Gopher tortoise
Green iguana
Green tree python
Grey rat snake
Gulf coast box turtle
Hamilton's pond turtle

Helmeted turtle
Hooded scaly-footed lizard
Knight anole
Komodo dragon
Leopard gecko
Leopard tortoise
Madagascar giant day gecko
Malayan box turtle
Malaysian giant turtle
Mexican spiny-tailed iguana
Northern diamondback terrapin
Onland bearded dragon
Orinoco crocodile
Ornate diamondback terrapin
Peninsula cooter
Philippine crocodile
Pink-tongued skink
Prehensile-tailed skink
Radiated tortoise
Red-eared slider
Reticulated python

Rhinoceros snake
Rough green snake
Royal (Ball) python
Schneider's skink
Shingleback skink
Southern black racer
Southern copperhead
Southern fence swift
Spiny-tailed lizard
Spotted python
Spotted turtle
Spurred thigh tortoise
Stinkpot turtle
Striped mud turtle
Suwannee cooter
Tokay gecko
Yellow rat snake

American bullfrog
Arboreal mantella
Atlantic stingray
Barking tree frog
Blue poison arrow frog
Budgett's frog
Cownose stingray
Eastern spadefoot toad
Eastern tiger salamander
Giant marine toad
Gopher frog
Green moray eel
Green tree frog
Green-and-black poison arrow frog
Madagascar golden frog
Mission golden-eyed tree frog
New Guinea tree frog
Oriental fire-bellied toad
Painted mantella
Panamanian golden frog
Pig frog
Pine Barrens tree frog
Puerto Rican crested toad
Red-eyed tree frog
Smoky jungle frog
Smooth-sided toad
Solomon Islands leaf frog
Southern stingray
Squirrel tree frog
White's tree frog
Yellow-banded poison arrow frog
Yellow stingray

Animal species list is subject to change without notice.
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