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Wallaroo Station Animal Fact Sheet
Cacatua tenuirostris

Southeastern Australia

This native Australian cockatoo is mostly white, with a pink face and forehead. They also have faintly pink feathers on the breast and belly, and yellow on the underside of the wings and tail. The birds have a long white beak, which is used to dig for roots and seeds

Habitat: Grassy woodlands and grasslands, as well as parks in urban areas.
Diet: Grass seeds are the preferred diet of corellas. They also eat bulbs, roots and insects.
Status: Least Concern (IUCN)
Approximate Dimensions of Adult: Length: 14.4 inches
Weight: 17-22.75 ounces
Lifespan: n/a
Reproduction & Offspring: Corellas form monogamous pairs and both parents prepare the nest, incubate the eggs and feed the young. Nests are made in the hollows of large old eucalypts and sometimes in cavities of loose gravelly cliffs. The eggs are laid on a lining of decayed wood.


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