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Safari Africa Animal Fact Sheet
Gazella thomsoni

Africa in Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan.

This sociable gazelle roams in herds as large as 200 animals. Each herd has clear social divisions: adult males tend to remain apart from the bachelor, or immature males, while females with young herd more closely together. Living in such open country, the Thomson’s gazelle is alert for any sign or scent of its numerous enemies – the most feared is the cheetah. Although easily frightened, the Thomson’s gazelle may graze peacefully within view of a napping pride of lions. The conspicuous black stripes along their flanks help to break up their outline and make it harder to spot it from a distance.

The gazelle has long been preyed upon by man for food. Most recently, it has been pursued by trophy hunters. As a result, the gazelle’s numbers have been reduced, although it still remains quite common. The greatest threat to Thomson’s gazelle comes not from the hunter, but from the farmer. Domestic sheep. Goats and cattle require much of the same diet as the gazelle. Thus, the livestock is in competition with the gazelle for food and water. Farmers who increase grazing lands and water sources for their livestock may reduce the number of gazelle. Also, the gazelle’s seasonal migrations are becoming restricted by stock fences that are erected across the open grasslands.

Habitat: Savannah grasslands.
Diet: Grass
Status: Conservation Dependent (IUCN).
Approximate Dimensions of Adult:

Weight: Male, 20-40 pounds
Height at Shoulder: 1-2 feet
Horn Length: Males: 1.5 feet

Lifespan: 10-15 years.
Reproduction & Offspring: Usually give birth to one offspring after 5 months of gestation.


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