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Safari Africa Animal Fact Sheet
Phoenicopterus roseus

Throughout Africa and parts of Asia and Europe.
Flamingos are gregarious birds, living in groups called flocks or 'stands' numbering from a few individuals to tens of thousands. Whether feeding or nesting they remain closely packed together. Pairs are monogamous - they stay together for life.

Flamingo feathers are pink, due to colored materials called carotenoids found in the shrimp that they feed on. If they do not eat the shrimps, their feathers turn a pale pink to white color. In captivity, the flamingoes are fed special food that contains these natural pigments to ensure that their feathers are pink colored.

Habitat: Lakes, marshes, estuaries, swamps and other bodies of water.
Diet: Invertebrates such as brine flies, shrimps, and mollusks.
Status: Least Concern(IUCN)
Approximate Dimensions of Adult: Height: 120-140 cm tall
Weight: Up to 9 pounds
Lifespan: Average 20-30 years.
Reproduction & Offspring: Typically lay one egg at a time with eggs measuring 3 inches on average.


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