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Safari Africa Animal Fact Sheet
Otolemer  crassicaudatus

East Africa from southern Sudan to eastern South Africa and through southern Angola.

Also known as the greater galago, or thick-tailed bushbaby, the greater bushbaby is the largest of the bushbaby species.  Greater bushbabies have brown or gray fur, with exceptionally large ears, a pointed muzzle and large eyes. They are strongly built, with broad hands and feet adapted for grasping, with opposable first digits.  As their name suggests, they have thick, bushy tails.  Bushbabies get their name from a call they make that sounds like a human baby crying.

Bushbabies are nocturnal and arboreal (tree-dwelling), preferring the upper levels of the forest.  Rather than leaping through the canopy, they tend to run along the branches. 

Habitat: Dense forests.
Diet: Gums, saps, fruits and insects. They may also eat birds, eggs, small mammals and reptiles.
Status: n/a
Approximate Dimensions of Adult:

Weight: 2-40 oz.
Length: up to 12.1 in.

Lifespan: 15 years.
Reproduction & Offspring: Litter size is usually 2 young, but can be up to 3.


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