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Primate World Animal Fact Sheet
Cercopithecus ascanius

Throughout Africa

Red-tailed guenons have speckled yellow-brown fur, with pale under-parts. They have a black face with blue fur around the eyes and white cheeks. Depending on the subspecies, their nose color varies from white, yellow or black.

These monkeys live in groups of 7-35, typically with one male and numerous females. The females remain in the same territory for life, but the males tend to migrate.

Habitat: Lowland rain forest, gallery, swamp, acacia woodland and mountain forest.
Diet: Mainly feed on fruit, but they also eat leaves and animal prey
Status: Least Concern (IUCN)
Approximate Dimensions of Adult: Weight: 6-8lbs
Lifespan: 22 years
Reproduction & Offspring:

They give birth to one infant, usually from April to November.


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