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Primate World Animal Fact Sheet
(Colobus angolensis polycomos)

Native to NE Angola, Zaire, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda The arboreal Angolan Colobus is a primarily leaf-eating Old World (Eastern Hemisphere or Europe) monkey from Central Africa. This colobus is easily identified by its glossy black fur, with white markings on the cheeks, throat, shoulders, tail and sometimes chest. The black and white fur helps to break up the outline of the animal's body, making it harder for a predator to see the colobus.

When feeding on leaves, which make up a large part of the diet, the limbs are pulled to the body with the hands and the leaves are ripped off. The elaborate, sacculated stomach digests large volumes of leaves. The low level aggression between members of the same species seems to be a result of its foraging behavior, which involves long periods of sedentary feeding.

The social structure of Angolan Colobus is highly cohesive and groups may contain several hundred individuals. Relationships between the individuals are reinforced with social grooming; the group may defend a small home range. Upon encountering another troop, gestures, vocalizations, chasing, fighting and displays of leaping may ensue.

Habitat: Generally found in dense forests, but may range into woodland maize and cultivated areas, from drier regions
Diet: Feeds primarily on leaves and shoots
Status: Least Concern (IUCN)
Approximate Dimensions of Adult: Weight: 13-25 lbs
Lifespan: 20-30 years
Reproduction & Offspring: Gestation: 140-220 days. Offspring: Single


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