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Ambystoma maculatum


North America, among the Eastern states, and Canada.

Spotted Salamanders are large salamanders. Their skin is bluish-black or dark gray, and they have two rows of round yellow or orange spots down their backs. Their bellies are slate gray. Spotted Salamanders live in forests where there are pools of water in the Spring, or nearby ponds. Adult Spotted Salamanders spend most of their time underground.
Habitat: Spotted salamanders' favorite habitat is forests near rivers and streams.
Diet: Insects, worms, slugs, spiders, and millipedes.
Status: Least Concern (IUCN)
Approximate Dimensions of Adult:

Weight: They tend to weigh up to 0.5 kg.

Length: Around 7 in (18 cm).

Up to 20 years in the wild.

Reproduction & Offspring:

The rains of springtime signal the time for spotted salamanders to migrate to their breeding ponds for egg-laying. They return to the same pool for breeding year after year, for their whole lives. The females lay their eggs in clusters of up to 200. It takes from 20 to 60 days for spotted salamander eggs to hatch.


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