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Rhynchophis boulengeri

China and Northern Vietnam. The Leaf Nosed Ratsnake is a rare snake commonly referred to as a Vietnamese Long-nosed Snake, but also known as a Rhinoceros Ratsnake or the Green Unicorn. The names of course come from the snake's signature prominent scaled protrusion, or horn, on the tip of its nose. These snakes are arboreal and nocturnal.
Habitat: Mountain forests.
Diet: Small mice and other rodents, birds, and perhaps other vertebrate prey.
Status: Least Concern (IUCN)
Approximate Dimensions of Adult:

Length: 100 - 160cm (adults).

Lifespan: 20+ years.
Reproduction & Offspring:

The Leaf Nosed Ratsnake is oviparous, and its mating season is from April to May, where it will typically produce 5 to 10 eggs in a clutch. After 60 days' incubation, hatchlings are 30 - 35 cm total length, colored brownish grey, with dark edges on several dorsal scales. As they mature they change color to steel grey at about 12 - 14 months, then to a bluish green or green adult hue at around 24 months. However, a rare few individuals maintain their steel grey subadult color and do not pass into the ordinary mature color phase.


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