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Florida Boardwalk Animal Fact Sheet
Rana capito

Southeastern USA. These nocturnal frogs are short, with a stubby appearance. Their backs are marked heavily with dark spots, sometimes depicting a clouded pattern. Their ridges are very distinctive. The gopher frog usually spends daylight hours in burrows, holes, or tunnels that have been created by other animals.
Habitat: Threatened sandhill communities, flatwoods, and scrub in the Atlantic coastal plain near ponds.
Diet: Insects, invertebrates, and even other frogs and toads.
Status: Near Threatened (IUCN)
Approximate Dimensions of Adult:

Weight: Around 50 to 150 g.

Length: 5.7 - 11.4cm. (2 ¼ - 4 ½").
Lifespan: Approx. up to 6 years.
Reproduction & Offspring:

Gopher frogs require open, grassy wetlands for successful reproduction.  Adults move to the breeding site in heavy rain, usually February - March in the northern part of the range; possibly year-round in peninsular Florida.  Fist-sized egg masses, containing 2,000+ eggs, are typically attached to stems of emergent vegetation.  Metamorphosis of tadpoles occurs after about 3 months.


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