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Columba mayeri

Island of Mauritius Indian Ocean

Light pink with brown wings, pinkish red bill, legs, & feet and a chestnut tail. About 300 remain in the wild. Arboreal feeding is preferred. During mating the male will follow the female around displaying a bowing ritual. Both parents will build the nest, incubate, and rear the young. They are very territorial of their nesting area. Loss and degradation of habitat, introduced predators, nest predation, seasonal food shortages, inbreeding, and cyclones

Habitat: Forests
Diet: Leaves, young shoots, flowers, fruits, & seeds
Status: Endangered
Approximate Dimensions of Adult: Length: 32 cm
Weight: 350 g
Lifespan: 17-18 years
Reproduction & Offspring: Males sit on the eggs during the day, females take over at night. Lay 5 to 10 eggs.


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