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Aix galericulata

China, Russia, Siberia and Japan

The Mandarin Duck is a brightly colored bird with a red bill, a red and white face, a purple breast and two orange “sails” on its back. These birds were once wide-spread in eastern Asia but destruction of their forest habitat have reduced populations in China and Russia. Japan, however, has kept their Mandarin Duck population fairly stable. Because the male Mandarin Duck does not abandon his mate or their fledglings as other species of ducks do, the ancient Chinese use the Mandarin Duck as a symbol for a life-time couple; a promise of love and fidelity.

Habitat: Wooded and forested areas around streams, marshes or ponds
Diet: Plants, seeds, insects and nuts 
Status: Least concern
Approximate Dimensions of Adult: Length: 15-18 inches
Lifespan: Up to 20 years.
Reproduction & Offspring: Lays 8-10 eggs at a time. 26 day incubation period.


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