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Scissirostrum dubium

Sulawesi and Indonesia

The grosbeak starling is also commonly known as the finch-billed myna. The grosbeak sterling is a member of the Sturnidae family. They have dark plumage, yellow beaks, and red tail feathers. They are highly gregarious and travel in large colonies. The birds form pairs and build their nests in dying tree trunks. Grosbeak starlings are hard to miss in the wild because they are very loud both in their colonies and in their feeding flocks.

Starlings are medium sized birds naturally found in Old World territories such as Europe, Asia and northern Australia. They have been introduced to North America, Hawaii and New Zealand. Starlings are considered invasive species because they compete for habitat with other birds.

Habitat: Tropical lowlands, wooded forests, and wetlands
Diet: Insects, grain and fruit
Status: Least Concern (IUCN)
Approximate Dimensions of Adult: Length: 15-20 cm
Reproduction & Offspring:  


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