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Florida Manatee & Aquatic Center Animal Fact Sheet
Holacanthus bermudensis

Caribbean and western tropical Atlantic off Bermuda, Gulf of Mexico, southern Florida, and the Bahamas.

The adult Blue Angelfish differs in its looks from the juvenile Angelfish. The adult is a bluish brown with green hues and outlined yellow scales. It also has bright blue pectoral fins and a dark tail fin all outlined in yellow.  Whereas, juvenile Blue Angelfish are dark blue with a yellow tail, yellow pectoral fins, and bright blue vertical bars on the body of the fish.
Although these fish are very similar to the Queen Angelfish, they have specific variations such as the absence of an electric blue crown with spots which is found on the Queen’s head.
The Blue Angelfish is known to be quite aggressive. However, they are often found in pairs, and are, therefore, thought of being a monogamous species.

Habitat: Coastal habitats: rocky outcroppings, patch reefs, reef face, and deep-reef terraces. The Blue Angelfish will associate with rich sponge and gorgonian growth and large coral heads. The Blue Angelfish inhabits rocky or coral reefs. They are often found in bays, channels, and around inshore reefs. Like many other species, at night, they sleep hidden inside the reef.
Diet: Primarily omnivores. Blue Angelfish feed mainly on sponges. They also eat algae, plankton, tunicates, corals, hydroids, bryozoans, and jellyfish.
Status: Least Concern
Approximate Dimensions of Adult: Length: 15-20 in
Lifespan: 15-20 years
Reproduction & Offspring:

Pairs of Angelfish reproduce by rising up in the water and bringing their bellies close together. The female releases anywhere from 25 to 75 thousand eggs to be fertilized. After a 48 hour time span, the eggs will hatch.


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