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Animals & Habitat Areas
Come see the wild world of Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo. With more than 1,000 animals, housed in
56 acres of lush natural habitats, it's a diverse collection that is suited for our local climate.

With engaging interactive exhibits visitors can enjoy close, but safe contact with many
species in the Zoo. Guests can see most animals in one of eight habitat areas. After your
virtual safari, make sure you come to visit Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo!
It's a jungle in here! See some of the finest natural wildlife at close hand - elephants, zebras, meerkats, white rhinos, pygmy hippos, okapi, African penguins and much more! Guests can stand on the feeding plateau of Safari Africa and get eye-to-eye with the tallest animals in the world - the giraffe. You can also feed the giraffes lettuce, on sale at the feeding station.

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Designed especially for families, this interactive area has tons of things to see and to do. It's an Australian adventure with koalas, wallabies, cockatoos, bats, New Guinea singing dogs, ponies, and more! Kids can play in "The Billabong" water play area, pet the goats and ride on the Tasmanian Tiger family roller coaster too.

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Leopards and tigers and bears, oh my!  Get up close to the many rare and endangered animals in the Asian Gardens. Watch as the tigers explore the water's edge. Observe the Indian rhinos at play, then come across the Clouded leopards and all their spots.

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Enter a sub-tropic rain forest in the Zoo! Admire our fine-feathered friends as they explore their free-flight habitat. You'll see nature's colors in all their glory-- Red-legged Honeycreeper, the Purple Swamp hen, the Toucan and the Blue Bellied Roller. Enjoy the peaceful waterfalls and river that runs though this area and watch exotic and endangered birds gracefully soar overhead.

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Stroll along the boardwalk and see the many animals whose native habitat is Florida. From land, sea and sky, you'll be amazed at all the wonderful creatures that make Florida home. Don't miss the two interactive areas in the boardwalk-- The Harrell Discovery Center and Stingray Bay where you can feed and touch Florida's stingrays. The Zoo is recognized as a state center for Florida species conservation and biodiversity.

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Descend below sea level for an enchanted look at Florida's beloved and endangered manatee. Twin observation pools allow for year round, up-close viewing. Check out the David A. Straz, Jr. Manatee Hospital and observe Zoo staff caring for manatees rescued from the wild. The Zoo operates the only non-profit manatee hospital in the world and to date the hospital has cared for more than 330 manatees.

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Swing into Primate World where monkey business is a daily occurrence. See Bornean orangutans, chimpanzees and brilliant-colored mandrills.  Catch a glimpse of the tiny marmosets and tamarins. The majority of these primates are endangered in the world. As you visit each one, learn about where they are from and what you might be able to do to protect them.

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Also known as raptors, the birds of prey make amazing debuts daily in the "Spirits of the Sky" Show.

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